Fourth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition presentations

April 8-11, 2002
Loma Linda University, School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

Plenary Lecture
  Nutrients, foods and dietary patterns as exposures for research: issues and challenges - David Jacobs
Symposia: Nutrient, Food & Dietary Patterns
  Phytochemicals: From Whole Foods or Supplements - Winston Craig
  Do Parts Add up to a Whole? - Ingrid Hoffmann
  Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables are from Additive and Synergistic Combination of Phytochemicals - Rui Hai Liu
Symposia: Vegetarian Diets & Longevity/Mortality
  Low Meat Intake and Longevity - Pramil Singh
  Mortality in British Vegetarians - Tim Key
  Fruits and Vegetables: Can They Aid in Successful Brain Aging? - Jim Joseph
  Short Oral: Health and Fitness of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Seniors - Peter Clarys
Symposia: Vegetarian Diets & Bone Health
  Dietary Protein and Calcium Hemostasis Revisited - Jan Kerstetter
  Phytoestrogen and Bone - Ken Setchell
  Short Oral: Do Vegetarians Have Different Risk of Hip Fractures Than Omnivores? Results from the Adventist Health Study - Raymond Knutsen
Plenary Lecture
  The Risk-to-Benefit Ratio of Vegetarian Diets: Changing Paradigms - Joan Sabaté
Symposia: Vegetarian Diets and Cardiovascular Disease: Beyond Blood Lipids
  Consumption of Plant Foods and CVD: An Overview - Frank Hu
  Thrombosis and Hemostasis: Is There a Role for Plant Foods? - Sujatha Rajaram
  Homocysteine and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Vegetarians - David DeRose
  Short Oral: Water, Heart Disease and Stroke: The Adventist Health Study - Jacqueline Chan
  Short Oral: Effect of Vegetarian Diet on the Homocystein Levels - Ricardo Trespidi
  Short Oral: Cobalamin and Homocysteine Status of Vegans - Results of the German Vegan Study - Jochen Koschizke
  Short Oral: A Randomized Controlled Study of the Use of Low-fat Vegan Diet for Weight Loss in Postmenopausla Women - Amy Lanou
  Short Oral: Nutritional Density of a Vegan Diet Compared with an Omnivorous Diet Eaten by Adolescents - Christel Larsson
  Short Oral: Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Vegetarians, Semi-vegetarians and Omnivorous Peruvians. The LIMA Study - Julio Navarro
  Short Oral: Plasma n-3 fatty Acid Concentrations in Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan Men in the Oxford Cohort of the EPIC Study - Zoue Lloyd-Wright
  Short Oral: Five Wild Green Leafy Vegetables of India: Potential Nutraceuticals - Mythili Sundaram
Current Issues: Micronutrients & Vegetarian Diets
  Trace Mineral Bioavailability from Vegetarian Diets - Janet Hunt
  Short Oral: B-12 Bioavailability and Intervention Studies - Bevan Hokin
Symposia: Contributions of the Adventist Health Study to Nutritional Epidemiology
  Lessona from Dietary Studies in Adventists and Questions for the Future - Walter Willett
  Beyond Diet - What is Known, Lacking and Scope for the Future - Paul Mills
  Limitations and Future Directions of Analytic Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology - Gary Fraser
Plenary Lecture
  Nutrition Ecology: Contributions of Vegetarian Diets
Symposia: Vegetarian Diets for All: A Solution to the Environmental Crisis?
  Sustainability of Meat-based and Plant-based Diets - David Pimental
  Quantification of Environmental Impact of Different Diet Choices - Lucas Reijinders
  Short Oral: The Environmental Impact of Pesticide Applications in the Food Produciton of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Diets in California - Hal Marlow
  Short Oral: Ecological Impact of a High-meat, Low-meat and Ovo-lacto Vegetarian Diet - Ingrid Hoffmann
Current Issues: Vegetarian Diets & Essential Fatty Acids
  The Biological Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Penny Kris-Etherton
  Short Oral: Achieving Optimal Essential Fatty Acid Status in Vegetarians: Practical Implications - Brenda Davis
Symposia: Vegetarian Diets & Risk of Cancer
  Fruits and Vegetables and Cancer Risk - An Epidemiologic Perspective - Elio Riboli
  Fruits and Vegetables in the Prevention of Oxidative Cellular Damage - Ronald Prior
  Spiciing up a Vegetarian Diet: Chemopreventive effects of Phytochemicals - Johanna Lampe
  The Effect of Diet on Circulating IGF-I Levels in Meat Eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans - Tim Key
Symposia: Safety of Plant & Animal Food
  vCJD: Pathology, Prevalence and Public Health Implications - Clare Trevitt
  Safety of Plant Foods - Linda Harris
  Antibiotic Use in Healthy Livestock: An Ecological and Public Health Problem - David Wallinga
Plenary Lecture
  Diabetes Prevention and Management: Role of Plant-based Diets - David Jenkins
  Recommended Soy Protein and Isoflavone Intake - Mark Messina
  Soy Intake Among Children. Is It Risky? - Thomas Badger
Clinical Symposia: Vegetarian Diets in the Management of Type I and II Diabetes
  Monounsaturated Fatty Acids and Metabolic Control in Diabetes - Emilio Ros
  Obesity and Body Fat Disbritution: A Role for Vegetarian Diets? - Zaida Cordero-MacIntyre
  Wheat Grain, Grits, Grapes and Sweet Beer: Plant Centered Nutrition for Individuals with Diabetes - Patti Geil
Current Issues: Perspectives on Nut Intake
  Nuts and Body Weight: A Negative Interaction? - Joan Sabaté
  Nuts at the Center of the Plate - Karen Lapsley
  Beyond Meat What Do Vegetarians and the General Population Eat? - Ella Haddad
  Comparison of Vegetarian Diets Across Cultures - Michelle Wein
  Therapeutic Effects of Culinary Herbs - Winston Craig
  Short Oral: Community Based Coronary Risk Reduction - Heike Englert