Third International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition



Vegetarian Food
Guide Pyramid

The Third International Congress on Vegetarian was held in Loma Linda, California in March of 1997. As in previous congresses, the congress emphasized practical applications. Current interests in the field of nutrition in general were reflected in presentations examining bone status of vegetarians, dietary choices to achieve adequate calcium intakes from plant foods, and the adequacy of various types of vegetarian diets to supply essential fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid. The relation between vegetarian diets and physical fitness was also discussed.

The Third Congress included the presentation of a new vegetarian food guide pyramid developed through consensus by a group of nutrition scientists representing various institutions and dietary traditions. It is recognized that dietary choices are the result of personal decisions that are based on differing philosophical approaches. Individuals representing such differing views participated in a panel discussion of the convergence of various vegetarian diety practices.

It is the hope of the organizers of this congress that the abstracts presented will stimulate new research, provide useful information to health care professionals, and ultimately benefit the individuals who choose to consume vegetarian and plant-based diets.