Preliminary Program

Monday February 26, 2018

Keynote Address

Plant based diet for personal health, population health and planetary health Frank Hu, MD, PhD

Symposium: Plant based diets and life cycle stage: Gestation through Geriatrics

Maternal diet influences on childhood bone mass and obesity: Implications of plant based diets. Trudy Voortman, PhD

DHA for gestation and infancy: lessons learned and implications of vegetarian diet. Susan Carlson, PhD

Plant foods, plant-based diets, plant nutrients and telomere length/Aging Aleix Sala-Vila, PharmD, PhD

Plant based diet patterns and age related cognitive decline

Poster Presentation

Symposium: Epidemiological studies of vegetarians: Updates, making sense of discordant findings and directions for future research: Panel

Adventist Health Study-2 Gary Fraser, MBChB, PhD
EPIC-Oxford Tim Key, PhD
East Asian Cohort Tina Chiu, PhD, RD
Indian Migration Study

Symposium: Plant foods, plant based diets and the gut microbiome

Gut microbiome by diet patterns Michael Orlich, MD, PhD
Gut microbiome: Polyphenols and CVD protection Aedin Cassidy, PhD
Nuts and the microbiome: role in cardioprotection and cancer protection
David Baer, PhD

Poster Presentation


Tuesday February 27, 2018

Short Orals

Keynote Address

Reversing chronic disease with plant based diets: past, present, future David Katz, MD, MPH

Reversing Chronic Diseases with Plant Based Dietary Approach

Secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and plant based-diets John Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Obesity, weight loss, and low-fat vegetarian diets Neal Barnard, PhD Plant based diets in the treatment and management of type-2 diabetes Jordi Salas Salvado, MD, PhD
Cancer recurrence and soy foods Mark Messina, PhD

Plenary Session

Is Butter back? Saturated fat controversies and food choices in the context of plant based diets

Symposium: Protein- Quantity, Quality and Source matters

Protein quantity, quality for aging and exercise
Role of protein quantity and quality and longevity
Protein and cardiometabolic health: what matters? Francois Mariotti, PhD
Protein quantity, animal versus plant protein and type 2 diabetes and obesity


Wednesday February 28, 2018

Keynote Session

Planetary health and vegetarian diets: how far we have come and what is next? Joan Sabaté , MD, DrPH

Symposium: Plant Based Diets for the Health of the Planet

Optimization of Plant-based diets for planetary health: a modeling approach
Consumer attitudes toward meatless diets in relation to planetary health
Exploring the impacts of meat analogs in mitigating climate change Helen Harwatt, PhD

What replaces meat? (You say’ less meat…’, I say ‘what instead’?) Marco Springmann, PhD

Culinary Adventure Cuisine

Symposium: Plant foods, food groups and health outcomes

Plant foods, cancer and mortality Aune Dagfinn, PhD
Phytochemical rich foods and cancer prevention: Epigenetic mechanisms Nuts and cognition: Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study Findings and more Legumes and beans in the prevention of cardiometabolic disease Jordi Salas Salvado, MD, PhD

Mini Symposium: Applications for Practitioners (Coming Soon…..)

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